Made with a veneer substrate (plywood or particle board), this material has come a long way! With hundreds of color and pattern options, many mimicking natural stone, several edge options, and even under mount sinks, you are sure to find one that you like and keeps the cost down.

Solid Surface

Made with a nonporous resin, this material carries the color all the way through. It is easily shaped so allows for more edge options and an integrated under mount sink. It can be sanded to remove scratches or burns. The manufacturers have developed several new colors and patterns, some to mimic natural stone and are introducing new formulas to prevent scratching.

Natural Stone

Made by Mother Nature, this material is truly unique. Certain stones tend to have a more consistent pattern and color while others vary greatly. Unlike some myths, natural stone can scratch, burn, stain, and etch under the right circumstances. Sealers can be applied to prevent stains and etching, but are manufacturer specific and contain different warranties.


The hybrid of counters, this material is made with natural stone and resin. It is manufactured to be scratch, heat, and stain resistant, as well as contain antimicrobial properties. Manufacturers have developed several color and pattern options, many to look like natural stone. Quartz can also be comprised of recycled material.