Floors are more than just a place for walking. They can expand or define a space and add to the aesthetics. Flooring can be hard or soft underfoot, as well as be cold or warm to the touch. No matter your priorities, there is a product that is right for you and your lifestyle. The most popular floor coverings are hardwood and tile.

Wood comes in many different species and widths. It can be finished on the job site or prefinished from a factory. It can also come in solid wood or engineered planks, the latter being similar to plywood with a thin layer of solid wood on top. Engineered are better suited for glue down or higher moisture applications.

The two major types of tile are ceramic and porcelain, with porcelain having the most durability. There is a large selection of sizes and shapes that can be combined in a variety of patterns. Tiles can be more solid in color or can mimic fabric, concrete, or natural stones like marble, travertine, or slate.

There are several other types of flooring too. Laminate (also referred to as floating floors), sheet vinyl, cork, and vinyl tiles are some examples. Follow the links below to see some of the available options.