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Let’s face it, home construction/remodeling, large or small, can be overwhelming.  There are many options to consider and selections to be made.  But we’re here to help!  We have the experience, knowledge, and design ideas to minimize the stress and maximize the excitement!

We all know Math is necessary in construction/remodeling.  Yes, there is the obvious arithmetic and measurements performed by the tradesmen.  However, a major principle learned in Math class must be applied by the homeowner…order of operations.  That’s right!  Any project should be tackled in certain steps.  We do not expect you to know the construction process or lingo.  So we have developed a system to guide you through the “construction” order of operations with approximate timelines. 

And remember having to “show your work?” It demonstrated how you arrived at your outcome and proved you understood the process.  It also exposed areas of improvement.  We have managed projects of all sizes, performed both structural and nonstructural construction work, as well as installed cabinets, counters, tile, flooring, and appliances.  In addition, we are familiar with electrical and plumbing practices.  We have learned through first-hand experience, training, coupled with mistakes, the ideal methods.  Let us “show [you] the work” so you know how to best arrive at your goal…a functional and beautiful space.

At Lyman Kitchens we recognize the uniqueness, structural limitations, and prepwork that kitchens and bathrooms entail, which are different from other areas.  That’s why we visit your home or study blueprints to assess any construction details prior to final layout.  Then we assist in your selections and sell the materials to complete your space.  But our work does not end there!  We continue working for you by consulting throughout your project.  This ensures your protection against potential contractor miscommunications.  We will mitigate any problems and even provide a suggested project schedule.  Let us help walk you through your renovation!

Step 1 – Establish Budget
Step 2 – Design Phase
Step 3 – Contract
Step 4 – Project Consulting

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HARTFORD remodeling


Craig Hebert

Craig has been in the construction industry for more than 20 years, working in both the commercial and residential markets. He received his degree in electrical line work from Bismark State College. Craig had his own remodeling business before joining Lyman Kitchens. After 8 years, he acquired the company from the Lyman family. He enjoys kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, skiing and traveling. His most cherished times are spent with his son and two dogs. He is an active supporter of several charities for both children and animals.


Jen Scarritt

Jen held several positions in her 12 years at a local bank before joining Lyman Kitchens. She has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut and a Residential Planning Diploma from the Art Institute of Pittsburg. Her family background, along with her passion for design led her to pursue the kitchen and bath industry. Jen enjoys dancing, gardening, kayaking, mountain biking, traveling, and reading. She is a member of the Young Professionals for United Way and the Farmington Dog Park Coalition.

So amazed with the clean and organized way the demolition was handled..not a trace of debris behind. Similarly, the installation was done in a timely fashion with attention to detail, from the flooring to the cabinetry, to the function of the fixtures. I would recommend Lyman Kitchens to anyone in new construction or to merely update as we did. Many thanks for addressing any concerns along the way and to know I can reach you in the future if needed.
~Martha, Windsor